FEBID and FIBID of Metal Nanostructures

Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition (FEBID) and Focused Ion Beam Induced Deposition (FIBID) use precursors and electron or ion flux to deposit size and shape controlled metal nanostructures for use in repair of lithographic masks and integrated circuits. FEBID and FIBID nanostructures have also been used for catalysis, magnetics and plasmonics applications. We are designing and synthesizing precursors for use in FEBID and FIBID of nanostructures with higher metal purity than can be achieved by the common practice of using CVD precursors for these techniques. Experimental modeling of FEBID and FIBID with our precursors is carried out with several collaborators including Prof. Howard Fairbrother (Johns Hopkins University), Prof. Oddur Ingólfsson (University of Iceland), Dr. Ivo Utke (EMPA) and Prof. Cornelis Hagen (TU Delft).